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The town of Labin is located in eastern Istria, only three kilometres away from the sea. Residents of this medieval town are proud of its history and culture, which was also recognised by numerous artists, who found a creative inspiration in Labin and opened galleries and ateliers.

The territory surrounding Labin in Croatia was populated by Illyrians almost 1000 years before Christ, and the remainders of even earlier civilisations from the Bronze Age can be found near the town, on site Kunci. Labin later became an important part of the Roman province of Illyricum, and after the breakup of the Roman Empire, the town was ruled by Venetia and the Habsburgs the longest. They left many monuments and sights. An especially interesting episode in Labin’s history happened in 1923, when the town was an important mining centre in the constitution of the Kingdom of Italy. Dissatisfied with their position, miners organised a mutiny and founded the Labin Republic. More details about this crucial event in the town’s history can be found out through the Miner’s Republic manifestation, which is held every year in order to commemorate the miners and their struggle. Labin wins over with its rich cultural and historical heritage and even the most fastidious tourists can find a souvenir in one of the art galleries while walking on its picturesque streets. Visit the town of Labin in Croatia!

What should you see and experience in Labin?

  • The main town square delights with its charm and stone buildings
  • Preserved Venetian loggia from the 16th century
  • Main town gate of St. Flora (Sv. Flora) with an engraved Latin coat of arms and a Venetian lion
  • An old canon from the period of Austrian rule
  • National Museum and the Town Gallery, Palace Battiala Lazzarini
  • Memorial collection in the birth house of Matija Vlačić Ilirik, a close associate to the reformer Martin Luther
  • Parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary unified the elements of several building styles
  • Kunci archaeological site
  • Manifestation Miner’s Republic describes the life of Labin’s miners
  • Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium and a rich collection of sculpture made of Istrian stone is located in the nature park and excursion site Dubrova

How's the weather in Labin


24 °C

°C - 24°C
  • Tue 16.07.

    19°C - 26°C

  • Wed 17.07.

    19°C - 26°C

  • Thu 18.07.

    20°C - 27°C

  • Fri 19.07.

    21°C - 25°C

  • Sat 20.07.

    20°C - 28°C

  • Sun 21.07.

    21°C - 29°C

What to do close to Labin?


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