Trail of Sunken Ancient Harbours




The bike trail of sunken ancient harbours got its name from the attractive archaeological site that you can take a look at in the area of Katoro, where the remains of a few luxurious villas and seaports dating back to the Roman Empire are located.
This interesting bike route starts in the tourist settlement Katoro, known for its diversity of tourist facilities, and passes along the coastline above concrete, stone and gravel beaches. The trail then takes a turn for the hinterland and enters the colourful surroundings of Istrian villages, stone houses and dry-stone walls, olive gardens, vineyards and fertile fields, in which time stood still a long time ago and refuses to catch up to the rest of the world. After the hinterland, the trail heads back towards the sea and the Umag Riviera and passes through a part of the area with many small coves and natural beaches bathed in clean seawater and sunshine. Umag, Croatia is the central point of the route and an ideal place to stop and go sightseeing, not to mention taking a short break with a refreshing drink on one of the many terraces. After exiting Umag and following the coastline, the trail of sunken ancient harbours heads back to Katoro.

What is worth seeing?

- The sports terrains, shops, restaurants and other facilities of the tourist settlement Katoro
- The medieval walls, gothic and renaissance houses bearing coats of arms in Umag
- The Bishop’s Tower from the 14th century and the parochial church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- Remains of ancient harbours and old rustic villas from the Roman Empire period in the area of Katoro

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    The trail ends at the starting point.

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