Veralda wine and oil



The method of production of Veralda wines and olive oils is based on continual top quality, which the business owners consider the only correct way to guarantee survival in a demanding market, but also their obligation to preserve the tradition of olive growing and wine making in Istria, which has been developed and perfected for centuries.

Veralda aims to sit at the very top of Istrian wine production and proudly notes its winning title from the first World of Malvasia competition, held in 2009. This title was won by the Prestige malvasia, which was declared the best among 400 various samples from all over the world. Prestige malvasia and the top quality Riserva merlot are from the hills of Buje pride which grand cru positions deserve. The family tradition and the owners’ confidence combined with new technologies in production have resulted in the sensational Refošk Rosé (the first rosé wine in history obtained from 100% refošk, the autochthonous Istrian sort) in 2008 and in Rosé Brut, the first top quality sparkling wine made with the classical method of refošk sort in which bubbles can be seen, in 2012.

Veralda is known for the early harvest in its olive production, which is only possible thanks to the good will and expertise of Valter Smilović, who opened his private oil mill at a request in early October, which was inconceivable back in 1996. Awards include the gold medal for oil in Vinistra in 2001, when the oil started to be assessed. Since the quality itself is not enough and efforts should be invested in the education of consumers, a course for olive oil tasters was launched in 2007. The quality of Veralda olive oils is also recognised in the world and, thanks to a French importer, can now be found in 70 capitals all over the world.

The wine cellar is equipped with the most contemporary technology, and large wooden barrels on display are testimony of the hundreds of years of tradition, which the Visintin family members are extremely proud of. The Veralda vineyards and olive groves are located on the hills of Bujština and descend slightly towards the coast. Apart from wine and olive oil, Veralda also produces grappa, homemade pomace brandy. All products are also available in the Veralda wine boutique near the church and the main town square in Umag.

Wine labels:

  • Malvasia Prestige
  • Muscat
  • Teran
  • Merlot
  • Couve Veralda
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sparkling wine Rosé Brut


  • Detalji
    • Where: Srednja ulica 2, Brtonigla
    • Active: All months
    • Day: All days
    • Service provider: Restaurant San Rocco
    • Working hours: 13:00 - 23:00


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