About us

Coming to Istria in need of straight-talking advice? Want to make the most of your time and money but unsure where to start? This is where Istria Experience fits in!

As a passionate traveller, you want to feel like you’re travelling with an insider. You need the right information to make the right choices. You need an up-to-date, compact holiday resource you can fully rely on with advice that highlights everything a visitor needs together with the extra insights and tips that others seem to miss!

Diverse Istrian experiences, unforgettable moments, Mediterranean flavours and bags of the holiday “feel-good” factor all start here in one place!

As Istria specialists, we deigned Istriaexperience.com to help you shape your time in Istria the way you want it to unfold! We’ll help you find, research and book Istria’s best travel experiences from where to stay, what to see and discover all according to your specific taste and budget. Our passion for experience-led travel brings everything together under one roof for you to plan.

That’s not all! We’ve put together a collection of superb discounted vouchers for selected Istria experiences ensuring you take advantage of the great benefits the Istria Experience team would love to share!

We’re ready to help you discover Istria to fullest!

The Istria Experience team