Sport and welness

The pleasant and mild Istrian climate, the fresh air, and the clean sea allow you to have an active holiday throughout the entire year, and the large selection of wellness centres places Istria among the top year-round destinations. Tennis, cycling, football... pick what you like most, and after a great day of activity, your well-earned reward awaits: a trip to a world of spectacular wellness experiences. Experience specially-designed spa packages offered year-round by the best wellness centres in Istria. During your stay in Istria, we strongly recommend you explore some of the many cycling paths, especially the breath-taking Parenzana, where you will cycle along the path of an old railway line and come to understand why it is a source of inspiration to bicycle lovers today. The prestigious Umag ATP Tournament has been drawing the best tennis players in the world for years, turning Umag into a prestigious and enviable international destination.