Istria is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia and the Mediterranean. It is known as the "New Tuscany" and "green-blue" region since the beautiful coast and crystal clear blue sea of the Adriatic combines with the abundant greenery of pure nature of Istria's hinterland. Istria's diversity attracts its visitors throughout the year. In summer you can relax in the shade of centuries old pines and enjoy refreshing cocktails on beautiful Istrian beaches, whereas spring and autumn are perfect for visiting one of the many popular wellness centres. It is up to you! Find accommodation in Istria which best suits your wishes and visit us this year.


Top destinations in Istria

Explore most visited destinations and hidden fairy-tale places in Istria that you have not seen so far, with the help of our gallery and a map with marked destinations. Simply choose a destination and find out more.


Gastronomic specialities in family-owned farms for agrotourists and indigenous wines in wine cellars attract numerous gourmands, while amateur and professional sportsmen are thrilled with plenty of cycling trails Istria's intertwined with. Explore our offer and plan an Istrian holiday tailored to your requirements.

Istrian climate

The best period to visit Istria is from April to October. Peak temperatures in high season summer months (July, August) can reach over 38⁰C (100⁰F), and the water at that point reaches a comfortable temperature of 26⁰C (79⁰F).

More details about the climate

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