Become a partner

Committedly, we strongly believe something that unites the very best of Istria, should naturally include the people of Istria and their innovative ideas that proudly keep Istria tourism moving forward providing a journey of discovery and delight for all who come to the region.

So, we’d be more than happy to have you onboard with us, co-operating together to make even more amazing irresistible and unforgettable Istria experiences come true for all our guests.

Our offer:

  • Up to 50,000 guests a day staying in the accommodation units of Maistra and Istraturist, which amounts to around 700,000 guests during the year
  • A sales network with more than 100 employees at info and sales points and the call centre
  • Promotional activities that take your offer to the visitors’ homes even before they arrive to Istria
  • Presence on the online Istria Experience portal, which offers the users a selection of Istria’s best tourist contents
  • Professional help in presenting and describing your offer in a convincing, unified and stylistically polished way
  • Personalised approach from several different business cooperation models, depending on your offer, needs and possibilities.


How to get started?

Send us your details and a short pitch of how you think we could collaborate, and we will get back to you!