Terms and conditions


The web site www.istriaexperience.com is part of the sales and promotion system under the Istria Experience brand. That web site is a common project negotiated by the company Plava laguna d.d. and is intended for the users to obtain and take over information, sell or activate the selected experiences in Istria arranged by Istria Experience’s partners, to obtain information on accommodation in the facilities of Plava laguna d.d. and on transport in Istria and towards Istria and on the selected destinations in Istria, as well as to comment on the realized experiences, buy tourist guides, and other services and any other transfer related business as well as business related to the organization of the guest’s accommodation in the destination. For the purpose of this document, the entire project shall be referred to under a single name, Istria Experience.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all reservations made:

– through the web site www.istriaexperience.com

– through direct provision of tourist agency services


The End User

Each person of age who accepts these Terms and Conditions shall be considered an End User. The right to use these web pages is the personal right of the End User and it is not transferable to other physical or legal entities. The End User is responsible for protecting all of their data they need to enter when creating their user profile.


Istria Experience’s partners

As an agent, Istria Experience sells, promotes and recommends experiences to companies, trades, individuals, cooperatives, family agricultural holdings and other service providers (hereinafter: the Partners) who offer those experiences to the End Users. Istria Experience enables and carries out the sale of the experience on behalf and for the benefit of the Partner through the web site www.istriaexperience.com. The Partner, as the owner of the experience, obliges to deliver the contracted experience in top quality manner, respecting thereat all the standards of diligent entrepreneurship and quality they apply in their regular business with the End Users.

The Partners provide the service directly to the End Users. Istria Experience is not the owner, nor the provider of the services they offer through their web pages, therefore, they are not liable for any legal, material or other issues that might arise during the realization of the experiences they offer. Istria Experience is not liable for any improper or failed provision of the service by the Partner or any other third person. Istria Experience does not provide warranty or agency related to the standard of the service offered by the Partner. All Istria Experience vouchers are issued in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of each particular Partner and these Terms and Conditions. Istria Experience does not control the business operations of any of the Partners. The Partner is fully liable for all injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs of the End Users, caused fully or to any extent by the Partner’s work.


Istria Experience vouchers

These Terms and Conditions regulate the conditions of activation of three types of vouchers (in printed and electronic form) which can be activated at www.istriaexperience.com.

The types of vouchers that can be activated at www.istriaexperience.com:

– informative voucher – free voucher which provides the user with detailed information on a certain experience

– voucher with discount/coupons – free voucher by which the user can use a discount/benefit for a particular experience in a particular period of time

– voucher with purchase – voucher which serves as proof of reservation and payment upon realization of the said service, and also contains useful information for the realization of the experience

After the user buys or activates any of the vouchers, Istria Experience will send the voucher to the user to the provided e-mail, and it will be available for review and printing on the user profile pages.

Istria Experience is not liable for any loss of the voucher that occurred because of voucher receipt being blocked by a spam filter or firewall or if the End User provided an incorrect e-mail address. If the recipient does not receive the e-mail voucher, please contact us immediately at info@istriaexperience.com in order for us to send it at the correct e-mail address.


Registration and opening of a user account

In order for the End User to be able to activate any voucher at www.istriaexperience.com upon registration at www.istriaexperience.com the box “I agree with the Terms and Conditions” should be checked whereby the user becomes legally obliged to abide by these Terms and Conditions. After the user has checked the box “I agree with the Terms and Conditions”, duly delivered the required data for opening the user account and confirmed his registration via an activation link sent in an e-mail, they will be able to do the following on the web site:

– activate the informative voucher, the voucher with purchase, and the discount voucher

– write reviews after the realization of activated experiences

– receive Istria Experience’s newsletter

By registering, that is opening of the Istria Experience user account, it is deemed that the user has read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions in full. If the user does not agree with the Terms and Conditions below, Istria Experience will ask them not to use the web site www.istriaexperience.com.

If the end user wishes to deregister from the newsletter list, they can do so in the e-mail received from Istria Experience or request to be deregistered by sending an e-mail at info@istriaexperience.com



Istria Experience tries to offer the best prices for all the experiences the End User can buy through the Istria Experience’s web site. Istria Experience retains the right to change the prices without prior notice. All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a posibility of a slight difference form the original price stated in our web site.



If the End User has any complaints regarding the realization of the service provided by our Partners, they are advised to notify the Partner thereof immediately and on the spot in order for the Partner to resolve the complaint immediately, is possible. If the user has any complaints about our services or any other complaints, they are advised to contact us at info@istriaexperience.com or 052/700 777 where we will do our best to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Voucher validity period

Istria Experience’s vouchers are valid during the term or until the end of the voucher validity period. Expired vouchers are entirely non-refundable. The voucher validity deadline is clearly stated on the voucher.


Cancelling the reservation

Reservations can be cancelled. The conditions for cancelling the reservation are stated for each experience separately, by clicking on “Reservation cancellation” on the digital version of the voucher, on the web site or the page of a particular experience.

IMPORTANT: In case of cancelling the booking of excursions paid in cash, money will be returned to the client by depositing it on his bank account, an option to which the client agrees while purchasing the excursion.


Package delivery (sale of tourist guides and other publications)

The End User is obligated to provide Istria Experience with the correct address for package delivery. Istria Experience will not be held liable if false or incomplete data on the place of delivery (address or proper instructions, if necessary) cause damage to Istria Experience’s package, delay in order delivery or theft of Istria Experience’s package. Upon takeover, the End User is obligated to check the condition of the package and, in case of any damage, make a complaint to the courier (the employee of the company performing the delivery). Istria Experience is not liable for any damages to Istria Experience’s package after the recipient has taken over the package from the delivery service’s employee.



Particular experiences that can be bought at Istria Experience’s web site can entail certain dangers, which normally occur with such types of services. Before buying and using any of those experiences, Istria Experience will warn the End User of those risks and about being more cautious in that regard. If the End User has any doubts in that regard, Istria Experience will be at their service for any additional information. Istria Experience is not liable for any damages the End User might suffer, if they failed to respect the given warnings. The End User uses any service provided by Istria Experience exclusively at their own risk and according to the warnings given by Istria Experience.


Definition of the elements of all Istria Experience’s experiences

All key elements and features of Istria Experience’s experiences are defined at www.istriaexperience.com and the End User can learn about them before deciding on the purchase. Istria Experience strives to ensure a specification of each experience with as much detail as possible. Since purchase vouchers and discount vouchers have defined validity deadlines, certain changes in the realization of the service may occur in the period between the day of the purchase or activation and the day of the realization of that voucher. The realization of the voucher is subject to the Partner’s Terms and Conditions valid at the moment of reservation of the desired dates.


Images and video contents

Photos and video contents shown at www.istriaexperience.com are only illustrative. Istria Experience does not guarantee that the above are completely identical to the contents the End User will encounter on the spot nor will it be liable to indemnify the end user in any manner.


Experience duration

Certain Istria Experience’s experiences have exact duration terms. All data on experience duration terms are stated on the voucher. After the reservation of the exact date and hour of experience realization, it is possible that slight deviations may occur due to other reservations, delays of other End Users and other unexpected circumstances; therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding for any time you might spend waiting.


Voucher limitations

Certain experiences which can be bought at www.istriaexperience.com have certain limitations such as age, weight, height, health, etc. All the limitations are stated in the detailed voucher description available to the End User and which the End User is acquainted with before the purchase of each Istria Experience’s experience. Istria Experience is not liable to the End Users for their misunderstanding of the information stated on the web pages, nor is it liable to indemnify the End User in any manner. In case of doubt, the End User can send written inquires to the address below.


Promo and discount sale

From time to time, Istria Experience provides its customers promo sales and special discounts. For the duration of such a sale, the customer is given a promo “DISCOUNT CODE” (hereinafter: CODE) to be entered into the cart during the purchase process. The promo CODE must be used by its validity date. The CODE cannot be extended under any conditions. If the End User has several CODES, they cannot be mutually combined, that is, only one CODE can be used with one purchase. If Istria Experience detects any unauthorized use of the CODES, it will immediately block the user’s account until the actual status is determined. Istria Experience retains the right to early terminate the duration of the promo sale without notice, at any moment.


Istria Experience’s liability

Istria Experience will not be liable for any act, failure, damage, loss or fault caused by negligence, failure or in any other manner by the Partner or third persons. Istria Experience is not liable for any damage to equipment and other items by the End User that might occur as a consequence of using the web site www.istriaexperience.com. The End User agrees to use the web site www.istriaexperience.com at their own risk and that Istria Experience, or any persons related to Istria Experience, do not guarantee that the use of this web site will not be interrupted in any manner or that it will work problem-free. Istria Experience is not liable for any consequences that may occur due to use or inability to use this web site, as well as for the accuracy or reliability of the contents, nor for any information on the service or product provided through this web site. This liability statement refers to any and all occurred damages or possible injuries caused by any mistake, erasure, interruption, computer virus, fault, delay in the work or transfer, interruption in the communication line, theft, contract termination, destruction or unauthorized access, changes to or misuse of records, improper behaviour, negligence or any other action. The End User agrees that Istria Experience will not be held liable for inappropriate or illegal behaviour of other users or third persons and that any damages are fully at the End User’s risk.

The End User explicitly states that they will not hold Istria Experience, its responsible persons or its employees liable to reimburse them for any damages and costs, including the costs of legal representation, which may occur upon their use of the web site www.istriaexperience.com. Istria Experience may, at any moment, terminate the business relationship with any End User and cancel their passwords or user account. In that case, these Terms and Conditions that relate to the liability and obligations of the End User will not cease to apply.


Intellectual property

All the contents including, but not limited to, texts, software, photos, video materials, graphics, music, located on the web site www.istriaexperience.com are exclusive property of Istria Experience  and may only be used with explicit approval of the holder of copyrights, trademark and design rights . It is strictly forbidden to use, copy, publish or change any of the site contents, fully or in part, without explicit written approval of Istria Experience. Violation of these Terms and Conditions entails a breach of copyrights, trademark rights and intellectual property rights, and, consequently, it entails the institution of lawsuits and the offender’s criminal prosecution.


Secure online purchase

Based on the widest experience, the internet is a safe environment for purchase; however, Istria Experience cannot exclude the occurrence of events outside Istria Experience’s control nor will it be liable for the occurrence of such events (service interruption, temporary unavailability or outage, loss of data during the transfer of information) nor will it be obligated to indemnify the End User in any manner. The End User agrees with, accepts and is acquainted with the facts. Istria Experience retains the right to change or withdraw any part of the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Statement on Data Protection, at any moment, without prior or subsequent notice. End Users are advised to obtain information about those changes on their own from time to time. If the User continues to use the contents of the web site, it is implied that they accept the new Terms and Conditions in the changed form. The new Terms and Conditions shall come into force immediately upon their publication on the web site www.istriaexperience.com; therefore, any further use implies your agreement therewith.

Conditions of use and the policy of reviews


The purpose of the reviews

Istria Experience invites its users to publish reviews on the experiences we offer in order to help other users:

– determine whether a particular experience is suitable for them;

– find useful information or advice which will help them make the best of their trip;

– offer Istria Experience and Istria Experience’s Partners feedback on any improvements that need to be implemented.

The reviews should be an actual reflection of the experience, testing the quality of the experience and the user’s opinion about it, whereat they do not represent Istria Experience’s attitude, that is, Istria Experience is not liable for any incorrect information or misinterpretation.


Who can write a review

Only the users that have made reservations and realized a particular experience through Istria Experience are invited to write a review of their experience.


When writing  reviews, these Terms and Conditions stipulate:

  1. that the delivered information are correct;
  2. the information delivered by the user must not violate Istria Experience’s Terms of Use, guidelines or rules;
  3. that the user will not publish or distribute any information owned by third persons without their written consent.


Information display

Istria Experience believes that the travellers want to know other users’ impressions, find out where they are from and when they had realized a particular experience and how they liked it. Therefore, Istria Experience displays short personal information on the user as part of the review.


Review contents

Istria Experience does not edit nor change the contents of the reviews provided by the users, although it retains the right not to publish any reviews that violate these Terms and Conditions.

In case a user realized any experience booked through Istria Experience and has not received an e-mail inviting him to post a review, they should contact Istria Experience at info@istriaexperience.com.


Indemnity and liability

The user agrees to indemnify Istria Experience and all Istria Experience’s Partners for any damages, losses, costs and expenses caused by third persons’ claims towards Istria Experience or Istria Experience’s Partners occurred due or in relation to the breach of these Terms and Conditions in view of the particular service.

Particularly, by using such a service, the user warrants and represents that:

  1.  they shall not intentionally or negligently publish any information which might cause damage or offence to any person or its business, and especially: that they shall not publish any comments and information which are untrue, malicious, defamatory, offensive, obscene or which may be understood as such;
  2. they shall not act so as to deceive and mislead, and that they shall not participate in or encourage any fraudulent or illegal activities.


If you do not have Istria Experience’s approval that explicitly allows you to do so, you may not post any links at www.istriaexperience.com to any other web site. Istria Experience retains the right to withdraw its permission for posting any links at any moment, at its own discretion.


Legal disputes

The titles of the chapters used in these Terms and Conditions are only for practical purposes and in no manner affect the interpretation of the text contained therein. If the competent court establishes that any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the invalidity of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions and their other parts shall remain in force. If any of the parties fails to use their rights from these Terms and Conditions, it shall not be considered that they have waived or lost those rights, nor any other terms and conditions stated herein. The Plava laguna d.d. company is seated in Poreč, in the Republic of Croatia. Any legal disputes that might arise as a consequence of use of these web pages (unless a special contract states otherwise) shall be settled by a court with competence and local jurisdiction according to the headquarters of the company and shall be settled in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia. By using these web pages, the End User agrees for any dispute or claim, arisen from or in relation to these Terms and Conditions, or in relation to their implementation, to be settled by a court and local jurisdiction according to the headquarters of the company.


Notice on the manner of submitting consumer complaints
Pursuant to Article 6 of the providing tourism services (Official Gazette 130/2017), we are notifying the consumers to submit any complaints regarding the quality of our services submitted in writing in the business premises Istria experience by post to address PLAVA LAGUNA d.d. Poreč, Rade Končara 12, fax number: 052/ 719 – 271 or e-mail to the address info@istriaexperience.com. The agency is required to respond in writing to the complaint within 15 days of receipt of the complaint through the contact left by the consumer. Consumer complaints will be solved by the agency according to established facts.






Plava laguna d.d., Poreč, R. Končara 12, OIB: 57444289760, (dalje: Plava laguna) poštuje Vašu privatnost i sigurnost Vaših osobnih podataka. Prikupljanje, korištenje i obrada Vaših osobnih podataka provodi se u skladu sa ovim Pravilima privatnosti te primjenjivim zakonskim odredbama, uključujući i Uredbu (EU) 2016/679 od 27. travnja 2016. (dalje: “Opća uredba“) i Zakon o provedbi opće uredbe o zaštiti podataka (NN 42/2018).


U skladu s načelom transparentnosti, ova Pravila namjenjena su ispitanicima kako bi imali točnu i potpunu informaciju o tome koji se njihovi osobni podaci prikupljaju, upotrebljavaju, daju na uvid ili na drugi način obrađuju od strane Plave lagune, kao i do koje se mjere ti osobni podaci obrađuju ili će se obrađivati. Isto tako, svrha ovih Pravila je da se pojedinci koji koriste ovaj internetski portal upoznaju s rizicima, pravilima, zaštitnim mjerama i pravima u vezi s obradom osobnih podataka i načinom ostvarenja svojih prava u vezi s obradom.


Ova Pravila vrijede za i primjenjuju se u odnosu na prikupljanje, obradu i zaštitu vaših osobnih podataka te primjenu kolačića (cookies) i drugih sličnih analitičkih alata prilikom posjećivanja, registracije i korištenja internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com sa svim poddomenama, web stranicama te aplikacijama za mobilne telefone koji pripadaju navedenim domenama u vlasništvu Plave lagune (dalje: internetski portal www.istriaexperience.com), softverskim aplikacijama koje vam dajemo na korištenje putem računala ili mobilnih uređaja (dalje „Aplikacije“) te prilikom slanja elektroničke pošte koja ima link na ova Pravila privatnosti (dalje skupno „On-line usluge“).


Opća pravila i uvjeti korištenja internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com utvrđena su zasebnim pravilima i uvjetima korištenja, te će se navedena pravila i uvjeti primjenjivati u svemu što nije utvrđeno ovim Pravilima, te pod uvjetom da ista nisu u suprotnosti sa odredbama ovih Pravila privatnosti.



Osobni podaci su svi podaci pomoću kojih se može utvrditi vaš identitet.

Pružanjem On-line usluga, Plava laguna može prikupljati neke od sljedećih osobnih podataka:

  • Ime, prezime, datum rođenja, adresa, broj telefona, broj mobitela, e-mail adresa, spol;
  • Podaci o vlasniku, broju te datumu važenja kreditne kartice;
  • Podatke o povijesti prodaje/storniranja vaučera;
  • Podatke o popisu izdanih/storniranih računa;
  • Dodatne informacije o vama koje možemo primiti od trećih strana s kojima poslujemo (npr. naših partnera,  obrta, pojedinaca, udruga, obiteljskih poljoprivrednih gospodarstava i drugih pružatelja uslugama s kojima poslujemo);





Plava laguna prikuplja i obrađuje vaše osobne podatke samo ako je ispunjena jedna od niže navedenih pretpostavki:


  • Imamo vašu privolu


Primjer: primanje newslettera


Ako želite primati informacije o određenim putovanjima, na internetskom portalu www.istriaexperience.com upisat ćete adresu elektroničke pošte na koju želite primati informacije i opcionalno razdoblje vašeg dolaska te podatke o imenu, prezimenu, datumu rođenja, spolu i državi, obiteljskom statusu, interesima i željenom smještaju te ćete potom klikom potvrditi primanje newslettera.


  • Obrada je nužna za izvršavanje ugovora u kojem je ispitanik stranka ili kako bi se poduzele

radnje na zahtjev ispitanika prije sklapanja ugovora


Primjer: on-line rezervacije


Prilikom rezervacije usluga koje se nude na internetskom portalu www.istriaexperience.com kako bi mogli pružiti zatraženu uslugu.


  • obrada je nužna za potrebe legitimnih interesa voditelja obrade ili treće strane


Primjer: kako bi personalizirali vaše iskustvo


Plava laguna može koristiti vaše osobne podatke radi boljeg razumijevanja vaših interesa kako bi vam ponudili neke druge usluge ili proizvode koji bi vas mogli zanimati. To nam omogućava da komunikaciju prilagodimo na način da vam bude relevantna i zanimljiva.


Može se dogoditi da Plava laguna prikuplja osobne podatke i iz drugih zakonom predviđenih razloga kao npr. obrada je nužna kako bi se zaštitili kljuĉni interesi ispitanika ili druge fiziĉke osobe.





Plava laguna prikuplja podatke prilikom pristupa Internetskom portalu www.istriaexperience.com:


  1. Prilikom rezervacije i kupnje usluga, prikupljaju se:


Ime, prezime, adresa prebivališta, adresa elektroničke pošte, broj telefona, osobni identifikacijski broj.

Informacije o kupljenim uslugama (ili proizvodima)


  1. Pristupanjem internetskom portalu www.istriaexperience.com, prikupljaju se:


Informacije o korištenju web stranice;

Informacije o klikovima na naše oglase, uključujući i one objavljene na drugim web stranicama;

Obavijest o tome kako pristupate digitalnim uslugama npr. operativni sustav, pretraživač, IP adresu;


  1. Prijavom na newsletter, prikupljaju se:


Ime,  prezime, datum rođenja, spol i država, obiteljski status, interesi i željeni smještaj.


Osim direktno od ispitanika, Plava laguna može prikupljati osobne podatke i iz drugih izvoda i to u navedenim slučajevima:


  • ako se registracija vrši preko društvenih mreža npr. Facebook, Google+, prihvaćate da koristimo vaše korisničke podatke npr. ime, prezime, adresu elektroničke pošte ili neku drugu informaciju koju ste odobrili podijeliti;


U situaciji u kojoj vi dajete Plavoj laguni osobne podatke drugih osoba, treba voditi računa o sljedećem:


  • Plava laguna koristi podatke o drugim osobama koje nam dostavite, kao na primjer osobe koje su uključene u rezervaciju usluga;
  • Kada dostavljate podatke o drugim osobama morate biti sigurni da su one pristale na to i da imate ovlaštenje da to napravite u njihovo ime. Gdje god je to moguće, trebate se pobrinuti da i njih upoznate sa obradom osobnih podataka iz ovih Pravila privatnosti.





Prikupljene podatke Plava laguna obrađuje u svrhu u koju su isti dani i/ili u svrhu utemeljenu na legitimnom interesu koji proizlazi ili je vezan uz korištenje internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com i pružanja željenih usluga.


Prema tome, Plava laguna može koristiti vaše osobne podatke kako bi:

  • Pružila usluge koje ste zatražili npr. rezervaciju izleta, transfera;
  • Pružila informacije koje zatražite u vezi usluga koje nudimo;
  • Olakšali korištenje internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com uklanjanjem potrebe za učestalim upisivanjem istih podataka;
  • Pomogli prilagoditi sadržaj najrelevantniji za vaše interese, odnosno u svrhu prilagodbe internetskog portala vašim osobnim sklonostima i interesima – ako ne želite primati personalizirani sadržaj, uvijek imate mogućnost prigovoriti na način da napravite izmijenite vaše on-line postavke, ili da nam se javite telefonom ili emailom kako bi ažurirali naše podatke;
  • Poslali obavijesti o važnim vijestima o internetskom portalu;
  • spriječili otkrivanje prijevare ili druge zabranjene ili nezakonite aktivnosti;
  • zaštitili sigurnost i integritet internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com ili društva Plava laguna;
  • za marketinške i promocijske svrhe:
  • kako bi vas što bolje razumjeli kao klijenta i da vam prilagodimo naše usluge i marketinšku komunikaciju, Plava laguna može kombinirati osobne podatke prikupljene prilikom prodaje usluga sa podacima prikupljenim na našim web stranicama, aplikacijama ili drugim izvorima,
  • da vam pošaljemo obavijesti o novim uslugama, ažuriranjima usluga, događajima i posebnim ponudama za koje smatramo da vas možda zanimaju;
  • da pošaljemo obavijesti o drugim kompanijama i proizvodima za koje mislimo da vas mogu zanimati, ali samo ako ste prethodno pristali na ovakvu komunikaciju,
  • marketinško istraživanje u svrhu unapređenja naših usluga pri čemu uvijek imate mogućnost odbiti sudjelovanje;





Plava laguna ne prodaje, ne iznajmljuje i ne posuđuje vaše osobne podatke trećim stranama.


Plava laguna može dijeliti podatke s pouzdanim partnerima koji za nas obavljaju određene funkcije kao što je na primjer održavanje IT sustava, marketinške kampanje, obrada plaćanja.


U svakom slučaju, kada Plava laguna treba dijeliti prikupljene osobne podatke tada zahtijevamo da ih se zaštiti i da se ne upotrebljavaju u marketinške svrhe.




Vi imate pravo zatražiti kopiju svih vaših osobnih podataka koje smo prikupili, a podatke koje smo prikupili prilikom rezervacije usluga možete vidjeti iz same rezervacije. Možete nam pisati ako želite kopiju ostalih podataka koje smo od vas prikupili te pri tom navedite sve detalje kako bi nam pomogli da se identificiraju i lociraju vaši osobni podaci. Dostava podataka je besplatna, ali Plava laguna zadržava mogućnost naplate razumne naknade ako se radi o posebnim zahtjevima, kao na primjer više kopija, poseban format ili slično.


Želimo da svi vaši podaci budu točni i ažurirani, a ako primijetite da neki od podataka koje imamo nisu točni, molimo da nam to javite.


Također, podsjećamo da imate pravo zatražiti ispravak ili brisanje vaših osobnih podataka, kao i pravo usprotiviti se obradi osobnih podataka. Plava laguna će ispraviti ili brisati vaše osobne podatke, osim ako ih trebamo zadržati zbog legitimnih pravnih ili poslovnih interesa.


Ako imate primjedbi na obradu, upotrebu ili čuvanje vaših osobnih podataka, slobodno nas kontaktirajte. Ukoliko ne budete zadovoljni našim odgovorom, imate mogućnost obratiti se nadzornom tijelu Agenciji za zaštitu osobnih podataka.


Svi zahtjevi ili primjedbe u vezi osobnih podataka koje prikuplja Plava laguna, podnose se u pisanom obliku službeniku za zaštitu osobnih podataka. Zahtjev mora sadržavati adresu e-pošte koju ste dali u vrijeme registracije kao i adresu e-pošte na koju želite zaprimiti odgovor (ako ona nije jednaka adresi e-pošte sa koje ste poslali zahtjev). Plava laguna će Vam dostaviti podatke, u razumnom roku, putem e-pošte na e-adresu navedenu u zahtjevu.


Adresa službenika za zaštitu osobnih podataka Plave lagune je: dpo@plavalaguna.com


Skrećemo pažnju da prije postupanja po vašem zahtjevu, možemo od vas zatražiti više informacija kako bi utvrdili vaš identitet. Također, možemo od vas zatražiti više informacija kako bi utvrdili da li imate odobrenje za podnošenje zahtjeva ukoliko to radite u nečije ime.





U potpunosti smo predani zaštiti podataka od neovlaštenog pristupa, odavanja ili brisanja, neovisno o mjestu pohrane ili obrade, kao i formatu u kojem se nalaze. Plava laguna koristi usluge pouzdanih IT partnera koji su obavezni primijeniti visoke standarde IT zaštite.


Plava laguna primjenjuje prepoznate standarde informacijske sigurnosti:

  • provodimo tehničke i organizacijske mjere zaštite temeljene na rizicima,
  • minimiziramo izloženost podataka,
  • provjeravamo prikupljanje informacija, pohranjivanje i načine obrade,
  • gdje je to moguće, podatke štitimo pseudonimiziramo i anonimiziramo,
  • testiramo organizacijske i tehničke mjere zaštite,
  • ograničavamo pristup osobnim podacima na zaposlenike, ugovorne radnike i zastupnike kojima su dopuštenja za korištenje osobnih podataka odobrena ograničeno i kontrolirano na temelju korisničkih zadataka, a koji su dužni poštovati stroge ugovorne obaveze o povjerljivost.

Plava laguna poduzima sve mjere koje mogu identificirati probleme, kao i mjere minimiziranja potencijalnih šteta.

Ne zaboravite da ste i vi naš partner u sigurnosti. Pozivamo vas da poduzmete korake kako biste učinili svoje osobne podatke sigurnima (uključujući i svoju zaporku) te da se uvijek odjavite sa internetskog portala nakon uporabe.

Ako osobni podaci koje obrađujemo budu preneseni izvan Europske unije i Europskog gospodarskog prostora jer je to nužno kako bi se tehnički izvršila usluga koju je zatražio korisnik, onda će Plava laguna poduzeti razumne mjere da osobe kojima se podaci dijele, a koji se nalaze izvan EU, poduzmu primjerene mjere zaštite navedenih podataka i da se pruži zaštita sukladno ovim Pravilima privatnosti.




Razdoblje  u  kojem Plava laguna čuva osobne podatke ograničeno je na strogi minimum pa sukladno tome Plava laguna propisuje rokove čuvanja ili periodičnog preispitivanja određenih osobnih podataka kako se ne bi držali duže nego što je nužno potrebno radi ispunjenja svhre u koju su isti prikupljeni.


Nakon proteka roka, Plava laguna će osobne podatke brisati, a ako su podaci potrebni u svrhu izrade statističkih pokazatelja, analize ili arhiviranja, ili nekog drugog legitimnog interesa Plave lagune, poduzet će se sve mjere kako bi se osobni podaci anonimizirali.





Plava laguna koristi alate pomoću kojih analizira korištenje internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com i pomoću kojeg možemo prikupiti određene informacije o vama te time stječemo spoznaje o potrebama svojih posjetitelja i/ili korisnika kojima je svrha poboljšavanje kvalitete naše ponude.


S tim u vezi koriste se i tako zvani kolačići, kao i neki drugi alati.


Korisnik i/ili posjetitelj može putem odgovarajućih postavki na svojem računalu, pomoću postavki preglednika kojim se koristite, odbiti ili izbrisati kolačiće. Međutim, to može dovesti do toga da se neke funkcije internetskog portala www.istriaexperience.com više ne mogu u potpunosti koristiti.


Navedeni alati prikupljaju i pohranjuju neke tehničke podatke, uključujući IP adresu korisnika i/ili posjetitelja.


Više o kolačićima i drugim alatima koje koristima možete pronaći ovdje.





Ova web stranica može sadržavati linkove na druge web stranice kojima upravlja Plava laguna ili druga organizacija koja ima svoja posebna pravila privatnosti pa skrećemo pažnju da se upoznate s njihovim uvjetima korištenja i pravilima privatnosti prije nego im dostavite bilo kakve osobne podatke jer Plava laguna ne preuzima odgovornost za te web stranice ili organizacije koje njima upravljaju.





Ova web stranica može koristiti određene elemente društvenih mreža kao što su Facebook, Google+, Pinterest i drugi, a koji imaju svoja vlastita pravila privatnosti, pa skrećemo pažnju da se upoznate s njihovim uvjetima korištenja i pravilima privatnosti prije nego im dostavite bilo kakve osobne podatke jer Plava laguna ne preuzima odgovornost za te web stranice ili organizacije koje njima upravljaju





Ova su Pravila privatnosti zamjenjuju sve prethodne verzije.


Pravila privatnosti su zadnji put ažurirana: Svibanj 2018.


Plava laguna pridržava pravo promjene, modifikacije i/ili dopune ovih Pravila privatnosti u bilo kojem trenutku. Sve promjene Pravila objavit ćemo na Internetskom portalu www.istriaexperience.com, a u slučaju značajnijih promjena obavijestit ćemo Vas o tome na jasan i razumljiv način.