Istria Gourmet

The perfect way to completely feel the wealth of delicious flavours and scents of Istria is by stepping inside any of the abundant Istrian restaurants and taverns, tasting what the culinary treasures of the Istrian region are truly all about. Our carefully selected trio of culinary connoisseurs have literally tasted the full breadth of what the Istrian peninsula has to offer, ready to guide those wishing to grasp a delicious flavour of this region. Using the best olive oils, preparing wonderfully fresh specialities of seafood or simply tasting a glass of any of the excellent selection of famous local wines, you’ll find just what you’re looking for from a cuisine that has an intriguingly strong, passionate and intense reputation. For those in search of a Mediterranean flavour or equally a touch of the continental influence - you won’t be disappointed as the Istrian cuisine has undoubtedly always been a fusion of tasty treasures with a variety of contrasts which always manages to give visitors something new served up on the menu. So, go ahead and click on the experiences below to take advantage of the many free vouchers, great discounts and special offers letting you enjoy Istrian cuisine at its best!