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View of the Lim Bay
Blueness of the Lim Bay
Panoramic view of the Lim Bay
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Visit Lim Fjord

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Lim Canal
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The protected landscape of the Lim Fjord, also known as the Lim Bay, is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Istria. It is located near Rovinj and Vrsar. The unique fusion of the blue sea and the pristine greenery of the surrounding landscape will enchant you. Because of the combination of fresh and seawater, the waters of the canal are rich in fish and are extremely well suited to shell growing. The forest that surrounds the canal contains a number of historical monuments and is the habitat of many wild animals. The Lim Fjord has the status of a protected landscape, which means that the use of motorboats, fishing and diving are strictly forbidden. Visit the Lim Fjord and spend the day in preserved nature, surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna.

We recommend seeing or doing the following activities:

  • Romualdo’s Cave, named after the medieval hermit priest
  • Strolling around the woods surrounding the canal
  • Free climbing on two massive rock walls 
  • Cycling around the canal
  • Two restaurants on the shore of the canal which offer seafood specialties


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  • Roland


    Type of traveler
    Couple with small children
    A csatornához autóval mentünk, meg egy lehet nézni kilátóról: nagyon szép. Majd hajóztunk is egyet a csatornán, kb. 1 orat, az nem volt különösebb élmény, owned egyhangú a látvány. Talán érdemesebb lett volna olyan programra menni ahol be megyünk is a kalózbarlangba, Mert mi csak a hajóról nézhettük meg.
  • Evi


    Type of traveler
    Couple with older children
    Beautiful trip. Have seen dolphins, really a nice experience.
  • gamu13


    Type of traveler
    Young couples
    and 'to visit !! a wonderful experience ..... a delightful sight! all the islands in the sea .... with this water and these beautiful green pads that end up in the water and in some places accompanied by small beaches you can reach the most part only by boat .... and then the beautiful 'old pirate cave !!!
  • mini


    Type of traveler
    Group of friends
    perfect place for free-climbing...
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